Zelenskyy's chief of staff rejects Putin's peace proposal ultimatums with Ukraine

The recent Ukraine peace summit in B├╝rgenstock, Switzerland saw Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's top adviser, Andriy Yermak, assert that Kyiv will not respond to ultimatums in resolving the ongoing conflict with Russia. Yermak emphasized that there will be no compromise on Ukraine's independence or territorial integrity, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin's proposals for peace negotiations.

Putin's demands included Ukraine giving up regions occupied by Russia, demilitarizing, and dropping aspirations to join NATO. He also called for the West to lift sanctions against Russia and recognize Moscow's claims to certain territories. However, Ukraine rejected these demands and plans to work with allies on a joint proposal to bring Zelenskyy's peace formula to life.

At the summit, attended by representatives from 92 countries and eight international organizations, discussions focused on nuclear and food safety, as well as the return of Ukrainian prisoners of war and abducted children. Despite Russia and China's absence, Yermak considered the summit a victory due to wide international participation, including countries with Russia-leaning tendencies.

The next steps include working through all 10 points of Ukraine's peace formula with partners until the next peace conference, where Russia may be invited. Yermak expressed openness to all opinions based on international law and plans to present the joint plan to Russia during the second summit, the date of which is yet to be determined.

Overall, the summit displayed Ukraine's commitment to peace and diplomacy, in contrast to Russia's ultimatums and demands. The joint proposal with allies aims to find a sustainable solution to the conflict that respects Ukraine's sovereignty and international law.


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