Woman sentenced to 22 years for sending poisoned ricin letter to Trump

A Canadian woman named Pascale Ferrier was sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison for mailing a threatening letter containing the poison ricin to former President Donald Trump at the White House. Ferrier had previously pleaded guilty to violating biological weapons prohibitions for sending similar letters to Trump and police officials in Texas.

Ferrier's defense attorney described her as an intelligent French immigrant with no criminal record prior to this incident. She had earned a master's degree in engineering and raised two children as a single parent. However, in September 2020, prosecutors revealed that Ferrier had made the ricin at her home in Quebec and sent it to Trump with a letter calling him "The Ugly Tyrant Clown." The letter also mentioned using a gun as an alternative method and urged Trump to withdraw his application for the election.

Fortunately, the letter was intercepted at a mail sorting facility before it reached the White House. Ferrier was later arrested at a border crossing in Buffalo, New York, where she was found to be carrying a gun, a knife, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Additionally, investigators discovered eight similar letters addressed to law enforcement officials in Texas.

During her sentencing, Ferrier claimed to be a "peaceful and genuinely kind person" who gets angry about issues such as unfairness and abuses of power. She expressed little remorse but stated her desire to find peaceful means to achieve her goals. U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich imposed a 262-month sentence as outlined in the plea agreement. Ferrier will also be expelled from the country upon her release and will be under supervised release for life if she ever returns.

Judge Friedrich noted a "real disconnect" between Ferrier's pursuit of another degree while behind bars and the crimes she committed. She disagreed with Ferrier's characterization of her actions as activism and expressed hope that Ferrier would not continue down this path. Prosecutors praised the sentence as an appropriately harsh punishment and emphasized that politically motivated violence has no place in the United States.

This case highlights the severity with which threats against public officials are treated and the importance of maintaining safety in the political sphere. It serves as a reminder that such actions are not tolerated and that there are legal consequences for those who engage in politically motivated violence.


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