Winter weather causes flight cancellations and delays across the US

Winter weather conditions have caused significant disruptions to airports across the United States, resulting in thousands of flight cancellations and delays. According to data from FlightAware, over 2,000 flights were canceled on Monday alone. Southwest Airlines had the highest number of cancellations, with 650 flights affected. Denver International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport experienced a large number of cancellations as well. On Sunday, Denver International Airport led the nation with the most canceled or delayed flights, and it continued to have the highest number of cancellations on Monday with 310 flights affected.

Chicago also experienced a significant number of cancellations, with 162 flights canceled at Midway Airport and 238 at O'Hare Airport. Texas, which is currently facing unusually cold conditions, had a combined total of 200 cancellations at its major airports in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Dallas Love Field Airport issued a warning about extreme weather conditions affecting North Texas and advised travelers to check with their airlines for updates on delays and cancellations.

The National Weather Service issued warnings of wintry conditions, including freezing rain, across several states, from Texas and Louisiana to the central Appalachian region and the Mid-Atlantic states. Buffalo, New York, experienced heavy snowfall, leading to the rescheduling of a Buffalo Bills home playoff game and travel restrictions implemented by Governor Kathy Hochul. Buffalo Niagara International Airport also saw a significant number of cancellations due to the weather conditions.

In addition to the weather-related disruptions, United and Alaska Airlines have been canceling and grounding flights in response to the Federal Aviation Administration's grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 9. This decision came after a midair emergency on an Alaska Airlines flight on January 5. The duration of the grounding is still uncertain as the FAA continues its investigation.

Overall, the winter weather conditions have caused widespread disruptions to air travel across the country, affecting numerous airports and airlines. Travelers are advised to stay updated on flight statuses and to check with their airlines for any changes or cancellations.


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