U.S. shoots down fourth high-altitude object

U.S. and Canadian military forces have shot down four high-altitude objects in their respective airspace over the past week and officials are taking measures to find out more information.

Rep. Jack Bergman and Rep. Matt Rosendale have both made statements regarding the U.S.’s “decommissioning” of the objects, with Bergman calling for “far more answers” from the Department of Defense. The first object, which was shot down on February 4, is believed to have been a Chinese spy balloon, and the White House announced a second object had been shot down on Friday. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated on Saturday that he had worked with President Joe Biden to order a U.S. fighter jet to shoot down an “unidentified object” flying over the Yukon. While the Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder is confident that Canadian authorities are conducting recovery operations, Rep. Mike Turner and Sen. Chuck Schumer have expressed their concern that members of Congress have not received formal briefings from the Biden administration.

Rep. Jim Himes has urged Americans to not assume there has been an alien invasion or foul play until more information is released. As the investigation continues, the public can only wait to find out more about the true nature of these objects and who is responsible for them.


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