US military's top general suggests Ukraine's counteroffensive limited to 30 days

In a recent interview with BBC News, US Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated that Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russian forces could face significant obstacles in the coming month due to the onset of autumn weather. General Milley noted that while progress has been slow, the Ukrainian military is still making steady advancements.

The counteroffensive, which began in June, initially faced criticism for its sluggish pace. However, war analyst Jan Kallberg has stated that substantial progress has been made, with Ukrainian forces recently breaking through Russia's first line of defense. General Milley echoed this sentiment, stating that Ukraine has been progressing at a steady pace through the Russian front lines.

When asked about the potential failure of the counteroffensive, General Milley stated that it was too early to make such judgments. He emphasized that the Ukrainian military still has battles to fight and has not yet accomplished all of its objectives. General Milley estimated that there is still around 30 to 45 days of favorable fighting weather left for the Ukrainians.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the UK chief of defense staff, also expressed optimism about Ukraine's progress. He stated that Ukraine is winning while Russia is losing, as Russia's aim was to subjugate Ukraine and bring it under its control. Admiral Radakin also mentioned the economic and diplomatic pressure that Russia is facing from the international community.

While the autumn weather may slow down the counteroffensive, Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's military intelligence, emphasized that the fighting will continue in some form. He acknowledged that fighting in cold and wet weather presents challenges but stated that adjustments will be made rather than a complete halt.

In summary, Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russian forces is facing a time constraint due to the approaching autumn weather. While progress has been slow, Ukrainian forces have made significant advancements, breaking through Russia's first line of defense. Military officials remain cautiously optimistic, with General Milley stating that the fighting is not yet finished and Admiral Radakin affirming that Ukraine is winning. Although the weather may pose challenges, Ukraine's military intelligence chief expects the fighting to continue in some capacity.


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