US citizens increasingly concerned about illegal immigration and terrorism

A recent Gallup poll has highlighted a shift in American priorities, with concerns about illegal immigration and national security on the rise among U.S. adults. While inflation remains the top concern for many respondents, worries about illegal immigration have increased significantly since last year.

According to the poll, illegal immigration has seen a seven-point increase from 41% to 48% since March 2023, with Democrats showing a notable rise from 14% to 27%. Concerns about a potential terror attack have also increased by seven points, from 36% to 43%.

The recent Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel have heightened fears of global terrorism, prompting U.S. intelligence leaders to warn the public about the increased risk of attacks. Additionally, a recent report from ICE revealed the arrest of 216 illegal migrants with convictions for cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin.

The national security concerns are compounded by an influx of illegal migrants crossing the U.S. southern border, with reports of migrants storming the border in El Paso and clashing with Texas National Guardsmen. These events have fueled concerns about border security and the ability to control illegal immigration.

In Gallup's monthly unprompted poll of national concerns, illegal immigration was named as the most pressing problem by 28% of respondents, matching the previous month's results. This level of concern about illegal immigration is the highest recorded by Gallup since 1981.

Overall, the poll reflects a growing unease among Americans about issues related to national security, illegal immigration, and border control. With a margin of error of ±5%, the poll surveyed 1,016 people via cellphone and landline phones from Mar. 1 to Mar. 20.


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