Ukraine responds to Russian air attack with mass shelling

In recent developments, Ukraine has reportedly retaliated against Russia following a massive air attack earlier this week. According to reports from the Tass news agency, Ukraine launched a series of strikes in southwest Russia. Unfortunately, multiple casualties have been reported in the cities of Belgorod and Bryansk as a result of these attacks.

The Russian emergencies ministry stated that several people, including children, have died in the strikes. The governor of the Bryansk region confirmed the death of a child born in 2014, describing the incident as a "terror attack." Belgorod's regional governor also reported the deaths of two children in the attacks on the city.

The Russian emergencies ministry provided further details, stating that twelve adults and two children were killed in Belgorod, with 108 people, including 15 children, sustaining injuries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been briefed on the attack, according to his press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

The Russian Defence Ministry released an update on the conflict, stating that their air defense systems successfully shot down 15 HIMARS and Olkha multiple launch rocket system "projectiles," as well as three HARM anti-radiation missiles. The ministry also reported intercepting 35 Ukrainian drones.

These strikes come after Russia conducted its largest air attack of the conflict so far, targeting nearly 120 cities and villages on Friday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy confirmed that the attack resulted in the death of 39 people and injured 159 others.

President Zelenskyy expressed gratitude to global leaders and politicians who condemned the strikes while highlighting ongoing efforts to address the consequences of the Russian attack.

The situation between Ukraine and Russia remains tense, with both sides engaging in military actions and suffering casualties. International observers continue to monitor the situation closely as diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the conflict are underway.


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