Ukraine prepares for major strike

According to military experts, Ukrainian troops are preparing a counteroffensive against Russia using their new Western weapons. Former US General Ben Hodges, retired British Army Brigadier Ben Barry, and ex-Brit Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon have all commented on how Ukraine has the capability to give Russia a major bloody nose. The counteroffensive could look like Operation Desert Storm, with forces seeking to push up to 200 miles behind the Russian line in a blitzkrieg-style assault. The key to Ukrainian victory, according to the experts, will be putting in place the logistics to maintain such an advance until it can get far enough behind Russian lines to cause maximum devastation. The main goal of the fresh counteroffensive will be to unblock Bakhmut. The offensive will be concentrated in a narrow area to break through the well-dug-in Russian lines. Ukraine will use tanks, mechanized infantry, engineers, and artillery, and will use its air force to help cover them. If they can smash through Russia’s defenses, they will then exploit that position to cause havoc and destruction behind enemy lines. Air support will also be essential to any Ukrainian offensive, and the recently leaked Pentagon files exposed the fundamental truth that Ukraine air defenses are running out and so too are their aircraft. The attack will solely depend on when the Western weapons sent to Ukraine will become operational. Colonel de Bretton-Gordon said the Western armor will outmatch the aging Soviet-era tank fleet currently being used by Putin, punching through tank traps, trenches, and barbed wire like the so-called Saddam Line in the Operation Desert Storm back in 1991. Whatever the plan behind the offensive, the experts say one thing is certain - Ukraine will never give up. They will fight to the last man.


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