UCLA cancels classes due to violence

The UCLA campus was filled with tension and violence as clashes erupted between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protestors on April 30, 2024. The situation escalated when a group of counterprotestors wearing dark clothing, hoods, and white masks stormed the pro-Palestinian encampment set up on the university's Royce Quad. Unarmed security guards were forced to flee as fireworks were launched at the encampment, causing chaos and distress among the participants.

In response to the violence, UCLA officials made the decision to cancel all classes on Wednesday, urging students to avoid the Royce Quad area. Law enforcement was called to restore order and maintain public safety on the campus. Several attackers, who appeared to be outside agitators and not students, used bear spray to douse pro-Palestinian protesters, leading to injuries on both sides.

The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles issued a statement denouncing the violent attacks on the encampment and called for peaceful discourse. Pro-Palestinian protestors demanded UCLA divest all interests in Israel and halt the conflict between Israel and Hamas, while counter-protestors advocated for the release of Israeli hostages taken captive by Hamas.

The school declared the encampment unlawful just hours before the violent confrontations began, warning participants of potential disciplinary measures, including suspension or expulsion. Royce Hall was closed through Friday, and Powell Library remained shut until the following Monday.

As the situation unfolded, aerial footage captured countless clashes between the two groups, leaving the severity of injuries unclear. The LAPD was eventually called to the campus to restore order, and the situation appeared to stabilize after their arrival. The incidents at UCLA highlight the deep-rooted tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the challenges of maintaining peaceful dialogue on college campuses.


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