Two Palestinian Men Publicly Executed In West Bank For Allegedly Being Spies For Israel

Two Palestinian men accused of collaborating with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were reportedly executed and their bodies put on public display. The executions took place in Tulkarm on the West Bank, with the men being accused of involvement in the deaths of three Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists earlier this month.

Israeli media identified the executed men as Hamza Mabarech and Azzam Joabra, both in their 30s. According to N12, one of the suspects confessed to receiving significant sums of money in exchange for collaboration, with video recordings detailing their involvement.

Videos circulating on social media showed one man suspended from an electricity pylon and another hanging upside down from a wall. A large crowd, chanting "Allahu Akbar," gathered around the bodies, although the footage has not been independently verified.

The self-proclaimed "Resistance Security" organization claimed responsibility for the executions, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for informants or traitors. The group warned that anyone involved in the assassination of their fighters would face severe consequences, including the possibility of a death sentence.

In related news, a third man accused of being a spy was reportedly executed in Jenin, also on the West Bank.

The increase in violence in the West Bank has been attributed to the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel in October. The IDF has focused on arrests and targeted assassinations in response, while extremist Jewish settlers have also launched attacks on Palestinian civilians.

During a recent operation in the Tulkarm refugee camp, military forces discovered roads rigged with explosives and conducted aerial attacks on suspected militants. The operation resulted in the deaths of six individuals believed to be involved in militant activities.


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