Trump wins Missouri caucus

Donald Trump emerged victorious in Missouri's Republican caucuses, further solidifying his lead in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Trump, known for his strength in caucuses, also made gains at a party convention in Michigan. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, his main rival, has yet to secure a win in the current election season.

Meanwhile, there were no Democratic contests held on Saturday. The next Republican event is set to take place in the District of Columbia, followed by Super Tuesday, where 16 states and American Samoa will hold primaries. Trump is expected to secure the nomination shortly after.

In Michigan, Trump won a significant number of delegates at the state's convention, despite a portion of the party's grassroots force boycotting the event due to internal disputes over party leadership. Trump also won Michigan's primary earlier in the week, with a sizable margin over Haley.

In Missouri, voters gathered at a church in Columbia for the caucuses, the first test of a new system largely run by volunteers. The caucuses were organized after a law signed by Governor Mike Parson canceled the planned presidential primary. Idaho, on the other hand, inadvertently eliminated presidential primaries due to cost-cutting legislation, leading to caucuses being the only option for both parties.

Overall, Trump's victories in Missouri and Michigan, along with the upcoming events on the Republican calendar, indicate his momentum in the race for the party's nomination. The results from Idaho's caucuses are eagerly awaited to see how the delegate allocation will unfold in this unique election season.


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