Trans female athletes barred from female events by World Athletics

World Athletics has announced its decision to prohibit transgender female athletes from competing in the female category at international events, following a vote by the Council. Lord Coe, the governing body's president, said the decision was made "to protect the female category". In addition, DSD athletes will be required to reduce their blood testosterone level to below 2.5 nanomoles per litre and must remain under this threshold for two years in order to compete internationally in the female category in any track and field event. Interim provisions will also be introduced for DSD athletes already competing in previously unrestricted events.

A working group will also be set up to conduct further research into the transgender eligibility guidelines. The group will be led by an independent chair, while it will also include up to three council members, two athletes from the Athletes' Commission, a transgender athlete, three representatives of World Athletics' member federations and representatives of the World Athletics health and science department. The group will consult specifically with transgender athletes, as well as review and commission research and put forward recommendations to the Council.

The decision by World Athletics has created a complex situation, as it is balancing the rights of transgender athletes and the desire to protect the female category. Lord Coe noted that there are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in the sport. The working group’s research and consultation will hopefully bring greater clarity to the issue and help ensure the integrity of the female category in athletics.


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