Six arrested by British police for alleged plot to disrupt London Stock Exchange

British police have announced that they have made six arrests in connection with an alleged plot involving the Palestine Action group's plan to disrupt the operations of the London Stock Exchange. The arrests were made following information provided by the media outlet Daily Express, which had conducted a two-month investigation into the plot. The plotters intended to chain themselves by the neck to the entrances of the stock exchange in order to prevent it from opening and to cause disruption for a full working day.

Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas of the Metropolitan Police described the arrests as significant, stating that the group was prepared to carry out a disruptive and damaging stunt that could have had serious implications. The police were grateful to the Daily Express for their assistance in providing information and helping to intervene successfully. The limited time frame between receiving the material and taking action prompted the police to reach out to other forces across the UK to ensure appropriate resources were in place to handle any potential disruption in the coming days.

It should be noted, however, that while the plotters aimed to disrupt trading at the London Stock Exchange, no trading actually takes place at the physical location, as equity trading is conducted electronically. The exchange has not had a physical trading floor since 1986. The London Stock Exchange declined to comment on the matter.

The arrests were made in various locations, including Liverpool, London, and Brighton. All six individuals remain in custody at this time. The police are continuing their investigations into the alleged plot.


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