Senators say US considering peacekeeping force for Gaza post-Hamas

Efforts are currently underway to establish a multinational force in Gaza following Israel's military operation to remove Hamas from power. Senators Chris Van Hollen and Richard Blumenthal have confirmed that there are preliminary discussions taking place regarding the formation of a peacekeeping force in Gaza. However, it is unlikely that American troops will be involved in this multinational force. The purpose of such a force would be to facilitate a transition to a new governing authority in Gaza after Hamas' rule comes to an end.

Hamas has ruled Gaza for over 15 years and recently launched a deadly attack on Israel, resulting in retaliatory measures from the Israeli military. These measures included a bombing campaign, ground invasion, and a siege that has led to the deaths of over 8,000 people. The United States and Israel have been in discussions about establishing a peacekeeping force to maintain order in Gaza, although sending US troops to be part of the coalition is not currently being considered.

Senator Blumenthal has mentioned that there have been discussions about the possibility of Saudi Arabian troops being part of the multinational force. He also highlighted the importance of international support for the reconstruction of Gaza, as it will require significant resources. The Saudi government could potentially provide assistance in this regard.

During a Senate hearing, Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed a preference for the Palestinian Authority to take over governance in Gaza after Hamas' fall. However, he also mentioned the possibility of temporary arrangements involving other countries in the region and international agencies to ensure security and governance in the area.

There is an appetite in Congress for the establishment of a multinational force in Gaza, which could facilitate negotiations between President Joe Biden and allies/partners. However, any involvement of US troops in this force could potentially lead to the collapse of talks.

The conflict in Gaza has escalated since Israeli troops entered the area, with intensified airstrikes and the encirclement of Gaza City. Israel has faced international demands for a ceasefire, but has rejected them. The United States supports Israel's position but has called for "humanitarian pauses" to allow for aid to reach civilians.

In summary, discussions are ongoing regarding the establishment of a multinational peacekeeping force in Gaza, but it is unlikely that American troops will be involved. The aim of this force is to facilitate a transition to a new governing authority in Gaza after Hamas' rule ends. The conflict in Gaza has caused significant casualties and destruction, leading to calls for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid.


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