Senate proposes $118 billion aid for Israel, Ukraine, and border security

Senate negotiators have released the details of a $118.2 billion aid proposal for Ukraine, Israel, and the southern U.S. border. The bill, which has been the subject of months of closed-door negotiations, is set to be voted on this Wednesday. The publication of the bill is seen as a small victory for Senate negotiators, who have been grappling with how to fund border security and whether to continue supporting Ukraine. President Joe Biden initially proposed the aid package in October.

However, the proposal is expected to face significant opposition from House Republicans. Speaker Mike Johnson has announced a separate bill that would fund Israel alone, in an attempt to preempt the Senate's broader foreign aid bill. The White House has criticized the House's counterproposal, calling it a political stunt and stating that the security of Israel should not be part of any political game.

The funding package has become increasingly politicized in recent weeks, with Republican lawmakers backing away from the deal. Some speculate that this change in tone is due to pressure from former president Donald Trump, who reportedly wants to use the border crisis as a line of attack in his campaign. However, Speaker Johnson has denied any outside influence and stated that he is calling the shots for the House.

The White House has expressed frustration with the change in attitude, urging lawmakers to tackle the problem instead of playing politics with it. The aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and the southern U.S. border remains a contentious issue, with both sides digging in their heels. As the bill moves forward, it is uncertain whether a compromise can be reached or if the political divide will continue to hinder progress.


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