Senate Intelligence Chair: Putin predicts Ukraine's fall within months without US aid

In a recent statement, Senate Intelligence Chair Mark Warner revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes Ukraine will fall within a matter of months if the United States does not provide renewed military aid. Warner's assessment was based on US intelligence and came after senators failed to advance a $175 million aid package to Ukraine. According to Warner, Putin's hopes for victory rely on the US withdrawing support from Ukraine.

The aid package proposed by President Joe Biden, which included $61 billion for Ukraine, as well as funds for Israel and aid for Gaza, was blocked. Republican senators opposed the package, insisting that it should include measures to enhance border security. On the other hand, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders raised concerns about funding Israel's military strategy against Palestinians.

Following the failed vote, President Biden expressed agreement with Warner's remarks, stating that Republicans in Congress were willing to give Putin the "greatest gift" by abandoning global leadership. The ongoing deadlock in Congress could potentially play into Putin's hands, as the war in Ukraine appears to have reached a violent stalemate along the front lines.

An analysis by The New York Times revealed that only 0.2% of Ukraine's land changed hands between January and September of this year, indicating a lack of significant territorial gains. Furthermore, Ukraine's counteroffensive has failed to achieve substantial breakthroughs despite months of intense fighting.

The delay in providing aid to Ukraine has raised concerns about the country's ability to continue its efforts to liberate territory and the risk of losing the war. Andriy Yermak, the head of Ukraine's presidential office, warned that without US aid, it would be challenging to sustain the fight against Russian aggression.

The failure to pass the aid package underscores the partisan divisions in Congress and the challenges of reaching a consensus on issues related to Ukraine, border security, and international relations. The situation in Ukraine remains precarious, and the outcome of the conflict will have significant implications for regional stability and global geopolitical dynamics.


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