Search for suspect Robert Card expands as divers sent into river

Authorities in Lewiston, Maine, are intensifying their search for Robert Card, the suspect in a mass shooting that left 18 people dead and 13 injured. Divers will be a major focus of the investigation as they search the Androscoggin River near where Card's car was found. While there is no certainty that Card is in the water, authorities believe it is a possibility. A shelter-in-place warning remains in effect for a large area of Maine as the search for Card enters its second day.

In a surprising development, a note from Card was discovered at one of the residences that officials searched, although the content of the note has not been disclosed. The FBI has received 530 tips since asking the public for information about Card, indicating a high level of public engagement in the search.

Background information about Card has also emerged. He is a 40-year-old resident of Bowdoin, Maine, and works as a firearms instructor at a National Guard facility in Saco. Despite being an Army Reservist, Card does not have combat experience. His family had previously reported his history of mental health issues to authorities, and they had alerted both the police and his Army Reserve base about his recent acute mental health episode. In July, he was taken for evaluation by the police after displaying erratic behavior at West Point.

The motive behind Card's shooting spree remains unclear. The Coast Guard has joined the search efforts, highlighting the severity of the incident. The small town of Lewiston, with a population of fewer than 40,000 people, has been deeply affected by this tragedy.


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