Scientists suggest alien world's fragments may exist within Earth's depths

A recent study suggests that remnants of an ancient alien planet called Theia may still exist within Earth, specifically in the boundary between the mantle and the core. This finding could potentially explain the peculiar structures observed surrounding Earth's core and shed new light on the formation of the moon.

The leading theory among scientists is that Theia collided with Earth approximately 4.5 billion years ago, resulting in the creation of the moon. However, proving this theory has been challenging because it was believed that Theia completely disappeared during the collision.

Using advanced supercomputer simulations, researchers were able to demonstrate that fragments of Theia, approximately 2% of Earth's total mass, could have survived and settled within Earth's mantle. These fragments align with the location of the core-mantle boundary, which has long puzzled scientists due to its unusual characteristics.

The core-mantle boundary is a region where the temperature rises dramatically, and seismic waves slow down inexplicably. Previous theories suggested that ancient ocean floors could explain this phenomenon, but certain discrepancies cast doubt on this explanation. The new study suggests that parts of Theia could account for these anomalies, as lava samples from the core-mantle boundary exhibit characteristics that align with Theia's composition.

While the findings are promising, accessing these potential remnants of Theia is a significant challenge. The core-mantle boundary is located approximately 1,800 miles below the Earth's surface, and the extreme temperatures and pressure make it difficult to retrieve samples. However, studying the unique lava samples that may originate from Theia could provide valuable insights into its composition.

The researchers hope that further research will confirm their hypothesis and potentially provide more information about Theia's origins and the early solar system. However, they acknowledge that more investigation is needed to validate their findings fully.

In conclusion, the study suggests that remnants of the alien planet Theia may still exist within Earth, specifically in the mantle-core boundary. These findings could contribute to our understanding of the moon's formation and provide valuable insights into the composition of Theia. However, further research is necessary to confirm these hypotheses and unlock the secrets hidden within Earth's depths.


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