Robert F. Kennedy Jr. files complaint about CNN's debate rules

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed an election complaint against CNN, alleging that the network is colluding with Democratic President Joe Biden and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to exclude him from a debate scheduled for June 27. Kennedy claims that the requirements to participate in the debate were intentionally set to favor Biden and Trump, leaving him at a disadvantage.

Kennedy's lawyer, Lorenzo Holloway, wrote a letter to the Federal Election Commission accusing CNN of making prohibited corporate contributions to both the Biden and Trump campaigns. However, CNN has dismissed the complaint as without merit.

Both Biden and Trump have agreed to participate in the CNN debate as well as a second debate scheduled for September 10 hosted by ABC. These debates are seen as crucial opportunities for Kennedy to gain legitimacy for his longshot presidential bid, with the hope of convincing potential supporters that he has a chance at winning. However, the Biden and Trump campaigns are concerned that Kennedy could disrupt the race as a spoiler candidate.

In order to qualify for the debates, candidates must meet certain requirements set by the networks. CNN has stated that candidates must have secured a place on the ballot in states totaling at least 270 electoral votes and must have reached 15% in four reliable polls by June 20. Kennedy's campaign claims that he has met the ballot access requirements in nine states with a combined 171 electoral votes, but not all states have confirmed his placement on the ballot.

Furthermore, Kennedy has not met the polling criteria set by CNN. Both Biden and Trump have easily met these requirements, although they are not formally nominated by their parties yet. Kennedy still has time to meet the qualifications for the debates, but the window is closing as the June 20 deadline approaches.


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