Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chooses Nicole Shanahan as running mate

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made a significant announcement on Tuesday by selecting wealthy Bay Area attorney and philanthropist Nicole Shanahan as his vice-presidential running mate. Shanahan, the 38-year-old daughter of a Chinese immigrant, has deep ties to Kennedy, having donated $4 million to a pro-Kennedy super PAC that aired a retro-style Super Bowl ad reminiscent of Kennedy's uncle, former President John F. Kennedy's 1960 campaign.

Kennedy, known for his role as an environmental attorney, anti-vaccine advocate, and conspiracy theorist, considered several unconventional candidates for the role before settling on Shanahan. In an interview with a San Francisco-based radio station, Kennedy highlighted Shanahan's youth, athleticism, and commitment to dismantling what he sees as the "war machine" and corporate influence in the federal government.

Shanahan, who founded ClearAccessIP to assist entrepreneurs with patent development and management, has also established the Bia-Echo Foundation, dedicated to distributing $100 million to programs combating climate change, reforming the criminal justice system, and supporting women in later pregnancies. She shares Kennedy's concerns about the environment's impact on public health and has expressed skepticism about vaccines, echoing some of Kennedy's own views on the subject.

While Shanahan has previously supported Democratic candidates like President Joe Biden and Rep. Ro Khanna, her alignment with Kennedy's more controversial stances, particularly on vaccines and conspiracy theories, may raise questions among voters. This developing story will likely continue to unfold as the 2024 presidential election approaches.


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