RFK Jr. and Ramaswamy are quickly advancing in outside lanes

In the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, two candidates who have been largely ignored by the established political parties and mainstream media are gaining traction among voters. On the Democratic side, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been connecting with millions of Americans who are drawn to his vision for the country. However, much of the establishment and mainstream media have been critical of Kennedy, leading to a lack of coverage and opportunities for him to share his views.

Kennedy's appeal to voters is evident in recent polls, where he scores high favorability ratings and low unfavorability ratings. Despite facing accusations of antisemitism and racism, Kennedy's popularity remains strong. However, his challenge lies in finding ways to amplify his voice and reach a wider audience.

On the Republican side, Vivek Ramaswamy, a 37-year-old multimillionaire biotech entrepreneur, has launched his bid for the nomination. Despite being a political outsider with no government experience, Ramaswamy has seen a surge in national polls, placing third behind former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis. His campaign message of "Excellence over Victimhood" and his personal story as the child of Indian immigrant parents resonate with voters.

Unlike Kennedy, Ramaswamy has been welcomed by the media, with numerous appearances on television. This strategy has allowed more voters to become familiar with him and his vision for the country. However, some rival campaigns have dismissed him as not being a serious candidate.

While both Kennedy and Ramaswamy face challenges from the established political establishments and mainstream media, the support they are gaining from voters cannot be ignored. The 2024 election may see these outsider candidates making a significant impact.


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