Republicans abandon Jim Jordan, losing third House speaker vote

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan has failed for the third time to win the position of Speaker of the House. In the latest round of voting, Jordan fared worse than in his previous attempts. Following the failed vote, House Republicans held a closed-door meeting to decide whether Jordan should stay in the race or drop out. Some Republicans have expressed frustration with Jordan for refusing to withdraw from the race despite his diminishing chances of success.

In the most recent vote, 25 House Republicans voted against Jordan, a higher number than in the previous rounds. This poses a challenge for Jordan, as he cannot afford to lose too many votes and still secure the speakership due to the GOP's narrow majority. However, Jordan remains defiant and has vowed to continue his campaign, downplaying his latest defeat.

The prolonged battle for the speakership has created a deadlock in the House, with no elected speaker in place. This situation is concerning as Congress faces an impending government funding deadline and the threat of a shutdown. Additionally, the absence of a speaker comes at a crucial time when Israel is at war with Hamas and Ukraine is facing Russian aggression.

In each round of voting, the number of House Republicans voting against Jordan has increased. In the latest vote, three new GOP members joined the opposition. Representative Tom Kean explained his decision by stating that it had become clear that Jordan did not have the necessary votes to become Speaker.

Some Republicans who oppose Jordan have claimed to face pressure campaigns and have received threatening messages and death threats since casting their votes. Jordan has condemned these threats.

A closed-door House GOP conference meeting on Thursday became heated, with members discussing the pressure some Jordan opponents are facing. The meeting was described as an airing of grievances with tensions running high.

To break the impasse, some Republicans have suggested expanding the powers of interim Speaker Rep. Patrick McHenry. However, this idea faces widespread opposition within the Republican conference.

The battle for the speakership continues with no clear resolution in sight, leaving the House in a precarious position.


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