Proposal circulating for Biden to exit and launch 'blitz primary'

US President Joe Biden recently faced pressure to exit the 2024 race following a lackluster debate performance against former President Donald Trump. A proposal authored by Georgetown University law professor Rosa Brooks and Democratic donor Ted Dintersmith suggests an expedited Democratic primary to choose a new nominee before the August convention.

The proposal outlines steps for Biden to announce his exit in mid-July and for prospective candidates to submit bids for a blitz primary. This primary would involve social media campaigns and forums moderated by celebrities to engage voters. The final nominee would be chosen at the Democratic National Convention.

While the proposal has received positive feedback from Democrats, including donors and campaign officials, the Biden campaign has not commented on it. Brooks and Dintersmith acknowledge that the plan may be ambitious but believe it could lift America from its current state.

Despite initial skepticism, many are beginning to see the proposal as viable. The authors emphasize that the plan is a living document and subject to change based on feedback. While the likelihood of the proposal being executed remains unclear, the positive reactions it has received indicate a growing interest in the idea.

Overall, the proposal presents a potential solution to concerns about Biden's ability to defeat Trump in the 2024 election. It highlights the desire for a more engaging and inclusive primary process, appealing to a wide range of Democrats who are eager for change.


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