Live on cruise ship for $30,000/year cheaper than NYC rent

Life at Sea Cruises has announced a three-year world cruise that will take passengers to 375 ports across 135 countries and seven continents. The cruise will be aboard the MV Gemini cruise ship, which has 400 cabins and room for up to 1,074 passengers. The cost of buying into the cruise starts at $29,999, with payment plans available for as low as $2,499 a month.

The cabins range from interior rooms with virtual views and ocean view staterooms to balcony suites. Residents can also take advantage of additional tax benefits when working as international residents aboard the ship. The cruise will start in Istanbul on November 1, 2023, with pickups in Barcelona and Miami.

This three-year world cruise is an opportunity for those interested in experiencing the world in an unique way. The cost of this cruise is lower than renting an apartment in New York City, and there are potential tax benefits for international residents. For those looking for an adventure, this cruise is a great alternative.


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