Pentagon report finds no evidence of aliens or UFOs

A recent report released by the Pentagon has found no evidence of aliens, alien technology, or secret government-run reverse engineering programs. The report, which was released on Friday, stated that "the aggregate findings of all USG investigations to date have not found even one case of UAP representing off-world technology" and that "authentic sensitive national security programs" were "mistaken" with UFO programs.

The report also mentioned that the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) has found no evidence for the USG reverse-engineering narrative provided by interviewees and has been able to disprove the majority of the interviewees' claims, although some claims are still under evaluation.

Investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell, a pivotal figure in the fight for UFO transparency, stated in an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital that "If the U.S. won't fess up, other nations will."

The report highlighted that the purpose of the 63-page report was not to prove or disprove any particular belief set but rather to use a rigorous analytic and scientific approach to investigate past USG-sponsored UAP investigation efforts. The report also claimed that the government and private contractors are hiding alien technology and biological material.

The report has received mixed reactions, with some whistleblowers and elected officials expressing skepticism and frustration. Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn, criticized the report, stating that it was a "classic self-fulfilled prophecy" for the people doing the cover-up to claim they found no cover-up.

Overall, the report from the Pentagon has sparked debate and raised questions about the existence of UFOs and the government's transparency on the matter. As the discussion continues, it will be interesting to see how other nations, like Canada, will approach the topic in their own reports.


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