OpenAI admits fear of ChatGPT, may affect jobs

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has expressed concern about the potential of the company's artificial intelligence (AI) creation ChatGPT, admitting he's "a little bit scared" of it. In an interview with ABC News, Altman said people should "not trust me" if he said he wasn't concerned about it. He also said that AI could take over many jobs, but that it could also lead to "much better" ones.

Altman said that the company is in "regular contact" with government officials and that regulators and society should be involved with ChatGPT's rollout. He also expressed support for regulating AI and said rules were "critical" and that society needed time to adjust to "something so big."

OpenAI has recently unveiled its latest ChatGPT model, GPT-4, which Altman described as "less biased" and "more creative" than earlier versions. It is capable of processing image prompts, is said to be more accurate than other versions, and users can have longer conversations with it. It is being used by teachers to help generate lesson plans and quizzes for students, and is said to be capable of passing the bar exam for lawyers and scoring "a 5 on several AP exams".


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