NYC block becomes illegal market for crime and prostitution

A stretch of Jackson Heights has reportedly transformed into an illicit open-air market where stolen goods and services are readily available, according to a recent investigation by The New York Post. Roosevelt Avenue near 91st Street has become a hub for migrant vendors selling items they allegedly stole from nearby businesses, as well as sex workers openly soliciting clients at all hours.

Local merchants and residents have expressed frustration over the situation, with one pharmacy manager describing the scene as "relentless." Despite occasional police interventions, the vendors reportedly return shortly after officers leave, continuing to sell their wares on the sidewalk.

The stolen merchandise is displayed on blankets or beach towels, with some items kept in suitcases in parked vans across the street. One vendor was even observed using a stolen shopping cart to transport goods. Additionally, sex workers openly operate on the street, with older individuals acting as madams and directing potential clients.

Law enforcement sources attribute the rise in criminal activity to lenient laws that limit police action and result in the release of offenders. The situation on Roosevelt Avenue is seen as a microcosm of broader issues related to crime and quality of life in the community.

Despite complaints from local businesses and residents, efforts to address the situation have been largely ineffective. Calls to 311 have yielded limited results, and the illegal activity has become normalized over time.

While some individuals have expressed sympathy for the vendors' economic circumstances, others view the situation as a threat to public safety and local businesses. The ongoing presence of stolen goods and illicit services on Roosevelt Avenue continues to be a source of concern for the community.


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