Netanyahu reports no Gaza cease-fire deal, optimistic about Rafah operation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. officials are working towards a potential cease-fire and hostage swap in Gaza. Netanyahu stated on CBS’ “Face The Nation” that talks between the U.S., Israel, Egypt, and Qatar are ongoing, with the goal of liberating remaining hostages. The proposed deal includes the release of up to 40 women and older hostages in Gaza in exchange for up to 300 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

The cease-fire would allow aid trucks to enter Gaza daily, with negotiators aiming for an unofficial deadline before the start of Ramadan in early March. U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan mentioned on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Middle East nations have reached an understanding on the basic outlines of the deal.

Netanyahu expressed confidence in achieving victory over Hamas, calling their initial demands “crazy” and vowing to eliminate the militant group. He emphasized the importance of a clear plan to protect civilians during potential military operations in Rafah. Netanyahu claimed that Israel and the U.S. are in agreement on a plan to evacuate Palestinian citizens from Rafah and remove Hamas from the area.

The conflict in Gaza has resulted in a significant number of casualties, with over 29,000 Palestinians killed and nearly 70,000 wounded. The Health Ministry in Gaza, which is run by Hamas, reported that two-thirds of those killed were women and children. Israel claims to have killed at least 10,000 Hamas fighters.

Overall, the situation in Gaza remains complex and fragile, with ongoing negotiations and discussions between various parties. The ultimate goal is to reach a peaceful resolution that ensures the safety and well-being of civilians in the region.


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