Mitch McConnell seeks medical advice for speech difficulties this summer

Republican Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, has once again raised concerns about his health after freezing during a press conference in Kentucky. This is the second time in less than two months that McConnell has experienced such an incident, causing speculation about his well-being. An anonymous McConnell aide confirmed that the senator will consult a physician before his next event, but no further details about his medical advice or diagnosis have been shared.

Earlier on the same day, McConnell spoke fluently about a possible government shutdown and a short-term spending deal. President Joe Biden, upon learning about McConnell's freezing incident, expressed his intention to reach out to him.

In a previous news conference at the U.S. Capitol, McConnell abruptly stopped speaking and stood silently for approximately 28 seconds before being escorted away by his Republican colleagues. An aide stated that McConnell felt lightheaded and took a moment to step away. Upon his return, he appeared sharp and continued with the conference.

McConnell has previously experienced health issues, including a hospitalization in March for a fractured rib and concussion resulting from a fall at a Washington hotel. He has also fallen at least two other times this year, once at a Washington airport and another time during a foreign trip. As a precaution, McConnell has been using a wheelchair in certain circumstances.

Despite these incidents, McConnell's spokesperson emphasized that he has been actively involved in his duties as Senate minority leader, delivering floor remarks and leading media stakeouts. The spokesperson described the use of a wheelchair as a prudent and precautionary measure in crowded areas.


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