Meals airdropped into Gaza as part of humanitarian aid operation

On Saturday, U.S. military C-130 cargo planes conducted an emergency humanitarian assistance operation in Gaza, dropping food supplies in pallets. This action was authorized by President Joe Biden following a chaotic incident where over 100 Palestinians were killed by Israeli troops while trying to access aid from a convoy.

Three planes from Air Forces Central dropped 66 bundles containing approximately 38,000 meals into Gaza, with the airdrop coordinated with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. This operation involved U.S. Air Force and RJAF C-130 aircraft, as well as Army Soldiers specialized in aerial supply delivery.

The Biden administration officials stated that the Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) were dropped in locations believed to offer the greatest level of safety for civilians. The U.S. monitored the sites to ensure civilians could access the aid safely.

The airdrops are expected to continue as a response to the dire situation in Gaza following the recent violent events. The United States believes that the airdrops will provide emergency humanitarian assistance in a swift and safe manner.

The C-130 aircraft is known for its ability to deliver aid to remote areas due to its capacity to land in challenging environments. The loadmasters secure the bundles onto pallets with netting and release them with parachutes when the aircraft reaches the intended delivery zone.

While the airdrops are seen as a temporary solution, aid officials have emphasized that they are not an efficient means of distributing aid and should be considered a measure of last resort. The United Nations has highlighted the critical situation in Gaza, with a quarter of the population facing starvation due to the ongoing conflict.


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