Man opens emergency exit during Asiana Airlines flight, causing disturbance

A passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight disrupted the journey when he opened the emergency exit door just before landing. The flight, which was traveling from Jeju Island to Daegu International Airport in South Korea, caused high winds to fill the cabin, causing panic among the passengers. A group of 60 children and coaches traveling to an athletic competition were among the passengers who were frightened. One of the children's teachers reported that the children were "very surprised, screamed, cried, and quivered." The passengers also heard a loud bang throughout the cabin due to the immense difference in air pressures between the pressurized cabin and the air outside. Fortunately, the plane was able to land safely, but 12 people were hospitalized with minor injuries from hyperventilation.

The incident has not yet been commented on by Asiana Airlines, the Daegu Fire Department, or South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. However, the passenger who opened the emergency exit door was arrested upon landing. The reasons for his actions are still unknown.

The incident highlights the importance of airline safety measures and the need for passengers to follow instructions from the airline staff. Although it is not clear what motivated the passenger to open the emergency exit, it is important to note that such actions can endanger the lives of other passengers. The panic caused by the opening of the emergency exit demonstrates the need for calm and composure in emergency situations.

Overall, the incident was disruptive and caused panic among the passengers, particularly the children on board. However, the professionalism of the airline staff and the safe landing of the plane ensured that no serious injuries occurred. As more information becomes available, it is important to remember the importance of following safety procedures and remaining calm in emergency situations while traveling.


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