Man in Florida sets himself on fire outside Trump trial

A man set himself on fire outside the New York courthouse where the criminal trial of former President Trump was taking place, according to authorities. Maxwell Azzarello, 38, from St. Augustine, Florida, entered Collect Pond Park near the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse and began looking through a backpack he was carrying. He then took out numerous pamphlets and threw them in the air before pouring an accelerant on himself and setting himself on fire. Azzarello was taken to a burn center in critical condition.

Four officers sustained minor injuries from exposure to the fire while trying to extinguish it. Azzarello's family members were unaware he was in the city, and authorities learned that he had arrived in New York earlier that week. The pamphlets found at the scene were described as propaganda-based and promoted conspiracy theories.

A witness reported seeing Azzarello douse himself in gas before setting himself on fire. The Secret Service was aware of the incident outside the courthouse. Police noted that Azzarello did not breach any security protocols at the park and that it was open to the public at the time of the incident.

The police chief of department mentioned that Azzarello had posted something online prior to the incident, suggesting premeditation. The incident has raised concerns about security measures in the area, with authorities considering tightening security or potentially closing the park. The situation is being monitored by law enforcement and federal partners.

Overall, the incident involving Azzarello setting himself on fire outside the courthouse during the Trump trial has sparked questions about mental health, security protocols, and potential motives behind his actions. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.


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