Macron calls for snap election after EU vote loss to far right

French President Emmanuel Macron made a surprising announcement on Sunday, stating that he would dissolve parliament and call for a new legislative election following a heavy defeat for his party at the EU elections. Exit polls indicated that Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally (RN) is set to win around 31.5% of the vote, compared to 15.2% for Macron's Renaissance party.

The first round of the parliamentary election is scheduled for June 30, with the second round on July 7. Macron's decision to call for a new election is seen as a risky move, as it could potentially result in him losing control over France's domestic issues if Le Pen's RN secures a parliamentary majority.

Jordan Bardella, the 28-year-old leader of RN in Europe, has been gaining popularity, with some polls showing that a significant portion of the population would be satisfied if he became president in 2027. RN's campaign pledges include restoring order to France, closing radical mosques, and reducing the retirement age to 60 for those who start working early.

Although Le Pen has dropped historic pledges to leave the EU and ditch the euro in an effort to appeal to a wider range of voters, it remains to be seen whether she could win a presidential election in 2027 against a fresh contender. The center-right European People's Party is projected to win the most parliamentary seats, while the far-right Identity and Democracy group, which includes RN, made significant gains in the EU elections.

Overall, Macron's decision to call for a new legislative election has introduced uncertainty into French politics, with the potential for significant shifts in power and policy direction depending on the outcome of the vote.


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