Las Vegas police report man holding woman hostage at Caesars hotel

A man has been arrested and a woman, who was described as his hostage, has been released unharmed following a long standoff at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The incident took place in a high-rise tower of the iconic resort, but it is unclear whether the man was armed. No injuries were reported, although furniture and other objects fell from a 21st-floor window, causing alarm among guests in the pool area below.

The standoff began after hotel security reported an argument between a man and a woman, during which the man allegedly forced the woman into a room. Police SWAT officers secured the hallway outside the room, and it was later confirmed that the woman was unharmed. The woman, who had been believed to be held hostage, was heard from during the standoff and was reported to be "still OK."

Guests outside the hotel reported hearing glass break and seeing curtains billow from a broken window. Some believed there may have been a shooter or an attack, and hotel staff immediately evacuated the pool area as a precaution. Furniture and other items were seen falling from the window, but no injuries were reported in the pool area.

The incident lasted for about an hour, during which broken glass and furniture fell intermittently. The man barricaded himself in the room and appeared to have emptied it of furniture. Hotel operations continued as usual, with guests on other floors not being evacuated or restricted from moving around. There were no immediate reports of injuries to anyone in the pool area.

Hotel representatives have not yet commented on the incident. Police have not provided further details regarding the arrest or the charges the man may face.


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