Kyiv states Ukrainian forces infiltrated Russia, raided military positions, and mined road

Ukraine's military intelligence agency announced that its forces conducted a raid into Russia's Belgorod region, engaging in heavy combat and attacking Russian positions. The assault, which aimed to protect civilians near the border who suffer from attacks by Moscow, involved small arms, mortars, and the detonation of mines along the only road in the area. The exact timing of the raid remains unclear, and the number of casualties inflicted on Russia was not specified.

This is not the first time Ukrainian forces have crossed into Russian territory. In recent months, Ukrainian soldiers have made incursions into the occupied Crimean peninsula, although the significance of these landings remains uncertain. The Belgorod region has been a target of Kyiv-backed assaults in the past, with Ukraine-based militants from the Freedom of Russia Legion carrying out multiple cross-border raids, attacking Russian positions, causing havoc, and even taking over villages.

The Belgorod region has also experienced aerial attacks, with Ukraine accused of firing missiles and rockets that killed over two dozen people and injured more than 100 others. In response, Russia vowed that the incident "will not go unpunished" and claimed to have foiled another Ukrainian attack on the region.

These recent events follow Russia's largest air attack against Ukraine since the start of the war, which involved firing nearly 160 missiles and drones at targets across the country, resulting in dozens of deaths and over 150 injuries. Just days later, Russia launched another massive bombardment, hurling over 130 missiles and drones at various targets, primarily directed towards Kyiv, resulting in five deaths and 130 injuries.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the nation, highlighting the unprecedented nature of the attacks and the need for strong air defense systems to protect lives. He warned that if Ukraine fails to repel Russian terror, it could spread throughout Europe and beyond.

Meanwhile, concerns remain about the future of US security assistance to Ukraine, as additional funding is currently held up in Congress. Ukraine, along with the Biden administration and European allies, have emphasized the importance of continued support to prevent dire consequences.


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