Jordan falls short in House Speaker vote

In the race for the next Speaker of the House, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) fell short of the 217 votes needed to secure the position on the first ballot. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY.) emerged as the frontrunner, garnering 212 votes compared to Jordan's 200. There were also 20 votes for other candidates.

Leading up to the vote, several Republican lawmakers expressed their opposition to Jordan, with at least six GOP members stating that they would not vote for him. Despite this opposition, Jordan remained confident in his chances of being elected speaker.

The House GOP conference meeting held the night before the vote seemed to have influenced some lawmakers' decisions. While some remained opposed to Jordan, others were still undecided.

In recent news related to the speakership race, Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted from the position, has pledged to support Jordan's bid for speaker and do everything in his power to help him secure the position. Republicans have also voted for Jordan as the speaker nominee in a previous attempt to replace McCarthy.


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