Israeli death toll rises after Iran-supported terror attacks

In recent days, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization, has escalated, resulting in a significant loss of life and widespread destruction. More than 600 Israelis have been confirmed dead, with over 2,000 injured. The fighting shows no signs of abating, as Israel faces challenges in regaining control of certain areas in the southern part of the country that have been invaded by terrorists.

Early on Saturday morning, terrorists launched thousands of rockets into Israel, forcing people to seek shelter in bomb shelters. In addition to these rocket attacks, the terrorists utilized drones to drop bombs on Israeli defenses along the border, rendering them ineffective. They also employed explosives and bulldozers to breach Israel's border wall, allowing approximately 1,000 terrorists to enter the country through various means, such as paragliders, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and by foot. These terrorists then conducted door-to-door searches, targeting innocent civilians for slaughter or kidnapping.

Reports indicate that more than 100 people, including individuals from the United States, were kidnapped during these attacks. U.S. officials have drawn parallels between these events and the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, emphasizing the comparable scale of devastation.

Hamas has claimed support from Iran and other unnamed sources for their attacks. Lebanon-based Hezbollah, another Iranian-backed terrorist organization, has also launched attacks against Israel during this period. Iran has a long history of providing financial, weapons, and training support to Palestinian terror groups, including Hamas.

In Iran, people took to the streets to celebrate these attacks, shooting off fireworks, waving flags, and cheering. Iranian officials, including the foreign ministry spokesperson and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, have made statements expressing support for the anti-Zionist resistance.

Critics of the Biden administration argue that its policies have emboldened the Iranian regime, pointing to the loosening of sanctions and the unfreezing of Iranian oil revenues. The administration's efforts to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran have not yielded results, while Iran continues to support terrorism against Israel.


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