Israel asks Russia for protection against attacks on jews

Israel has called on the Russian government to protect Jews and Israeli citizens within its borders after a mob in the majority-Muslim region of Dagestan hunted down Jews while chanting "Allahu Akbar". The Israeli government expressed serious concern over attempts to harm Israeli citizens and Jews anywhere and emphasized the need for Russian authorities to take strong action against the rioters and the incitement directed towards Jews and Israelis. Israeli Ambassador to Russia, Alex Ben Zvi, is working with Russian authorities to ensure the safety of Jews and Israelis in the area.

The mob reportedly searched for Jews at hotels and demanded to see everyone's passports after hearing that Israelis might have arrived in the region to escape the war in their home country. Disturbing videos posted on social media allegedly showed individuals in the mob expressing their intention to kill Jews. The situation escalated as the mob stormed the tarmac, going from plane to plane in search of Jews.

This incident follows Russia's hosting of officials from Hamas, a terrorist organization, which recently carried out a deadly attack on Israelis, resulting in numerous casualties. Hamas praised Russia and President Vladimir Putin for warning Israel against retaliating and targeting the terrorists responsible for the attack. Signs in Dagestan were also seen explicitly forbidding the entry of Israeli citizens, particularly Jews. Additionally, a Jewish cultural center under construction in another region of Russia was set on fire, with graffiti stating "Death to Jews".

The violence and targeting of Jews in Dagestan are deeply concerning, highlighting the need for the Russian government to address and prevent such acts. Israel's call for protection and action against the perpetrators is a reasonable expectation in order to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens and Jews worldwide. The situation further underscores the ongoing threat faced by Jewish communities and the importance of international cooperation in combating antisemitism and protecting religious minorities.


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