Individual with AR-15 marked 'Free Palestine' shoots at Joel Osteen's Megachurch

In a shocking incident on Sunday, a woman armed with an AR-15 opened fire at the megachurch of celebrity pastor Joel Osteen in Houston. The shooter, who had "Free Palestine" written on her weapon, injured one man before being shot and killed by two off-duty officers working as security. Tragically, a young child accompanying the shooter was critically injured and is not expected to survive. Another man in the vicinity was also wounded.

The Lakewood Church, which sees a weekly attendance of 45,000 people, was targeted by the shooter at approximately 2 p.m. Reports indicate that the off-duty officers, a Houston Police Department officer and a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent, acted swiftly to neutralize the threat. Authorities praised their response, acknowledging that the situation could have been even more dire.

Law enforcement sources revealed that the shooter used an AR-15 rifle with the words "Free Palestine" on it. However, no explosives were found in her backpack or vehicle, despite her threats of having a bomb. Additionally, she sprayed some type of substance on the ground.

Questions have arisen regarding the shooter's gender identity, as recent arrest records indicate that she had also identified as a man named "Jeffrey." However, further details regarding her motive and background remain unknown.

Reacting to the incident, Joel Osteen expressed his devastation and gratitude for the swift actions of law enforcement. He emphasized the importance of faith and unity in such dark times, urging the community to come together to support one another.

As investigations continue, the focus remains on healing and providing comfort to those affected by this tragic event. The community, along with Joel Osteen, is determined to rise above this tragedy and remain steadfast in their commitment to love and support one another. Faith and prayer are seen as crucial in navigating through the challenging times ahead.


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