Hunter Biden threatened Chinese partner for payment with father's presence

New testimony from two IRS whistleblowers alleges that Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, threatened a Chinese business partner for payment while invoking his father's name. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) made the announcement during a press conference about allegations that the Biden administration sabotaged the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. One of the IRS agents told the committee that investigators obtained messages from an iCloud search warrant, but prosecutors denied their requests to develop a strategy to look into the messages and obtain location information to see where the texts were sent from. One of the messages obtained was a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao on July 30, 2017. In the message, Hunter Biden wrote that he was sitting with his father and wanted to understand why the commitment made had not been fulfilled. He warned Zhao that if he received a call or text from anyone involved other than him, Zhang, or the chairman, he would make certain that they regret not following his direction. Henry Zhao is a Chinese Communist Party official and was business partners with the daughter of China's former minister of state security. He was also a key figure for Biden prospects in China, as his fund participated in BHR, where Hunter Biden received a board seat. The transcripts were provided by Peter Schweizer, who also wrote that Chinese elite paid around $31 million to Hunter and the Bidens. These allegations raise questions about the Biden family's business dealings and whether or not they have used their political connections for personal gain. As the investigation continues, more evidence may come to light and shed further light on these allegations.


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