Hunter Biden refuses subpoena, defends his business history

In a press statement outside the U.S. Capitol, Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, defended his business record and denied any financial involvement from his father. Hunter Biden, who has faced scrutiny over his business dealings, emphasized his pride in his legal and business career, as well as his efforts to build global business relationships.

Hunter Biden specifically addressed allegations that his father was financially involved in his business ventures, including his work as a lawyer, his position on the board of Burisma, his partnership with a Chinese businessman, and his investments. He categorically denied any such involvement, stating that there is no evidence to support these allegations.

Furthermore, Hunter Biden reiterated his refusal to testify behind closed doors and insisted on testifying publicly. However, this offer was rejected by Republicans who are leading the investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

As a response to Hunter Biden's defiance of the congressional subpoena, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan announced their intention to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings against him. They emphasized that they will not provide special treatment based on his last name.

The investigation into the Biden family's business dealings has been led by Republicans who accuse President Joe Biden of profiting corruptly from these arrangements and lying about his involvement. However, little evidence has emerged to substantiate these claims and Democrats have criticized Republicans for politicizing the impeachment power.

The House is expected to vote later on formalizing an impeachment inquiry, which could potentially cast a shadow over President Biden's reelection campaign. If the House votes to impeach him, the impeachment trial will be held in the Democratic-controlled Senate to determine whether he should be removed from office.

Hunter Biden also accused Republicans, including Comer and Jordan, of distorting the facts, cherry-picking evidence, and manipulating information to support their allegations. He claimed that personal information stolen from him has been misstated and that his friends and former business partners' testimonies have been edited.

Overall, the situation remains tense and divisive, with ongoing investigations and potential impeachment proceedings looming over the Biden administration.


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