House's return overshadowed by impeachment and government shutdown threats

Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces a challenging week in Washington as he tries to avoid a government shutdown and address calls from the right to impeach President Joe Biden. These challenges come at a time when Congress is already facing a chaotic work period, with deadlines approaching for government funding, FAA reauthorization, and disaster relief and aid for Ukraine. The demands from hardliners in the House to pursue impeachment further complicate matters for McCarthy, who also faces threats to his speakership if he doesn't satisfy members of his right flank.

One House member, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, has made her support for government funding contingent upon launching an impeachment inquiry into Biden. However, McCarthy does not currently have the votes to proceed with impeachment, as many moderates and some conservatives do not believe there is enough evidence for it.

In addition to these challenges, McCarthy must also deal with an agitated Donald Trump, who is expected to ramp up calls for impeachment and oppose aid for Ukraine in a media blitz this week.

McCarthy's strategy for spending has started to come into focus, with the consideration of a short-term funding bill that includes disaster aid but leaves out Ukraine funding. However, this plan faces potential hurdles, as the White House and Senate leaders from both parties insist on including Ukraine aid in the bill.

Compromise and consensus will be necessary to navigate these challenges, as House Republicans and Senate Democrats will need to find common ground on long-term funding bills. However, the two chambers are currently far apart on funding and divided over social issues.

The question of whether and when House Republicans will move forward with a Biden impeachment also hangs over these challenges. While some Republicans have called for an impeachment inquiry, McCarthy does not have the votes to proceed. Any attempt to remove McCarthy as speaker would require a majority vote in the House.

Overall, McCarthy faces a difficult month of governing, with major implications for the country and his speakership. His ability to navigate these challenges and find consensus among his party will be crucial in avoiding a government shutdown and addressing calls for


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