House Republicans Prepare Contempt Resolution for Hunter Biden

Republicans have released a resolution holding Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify behind closed doors. Last year, Republicans sent Biden a subpoena demanding his deposition, but he insisted on speaking during a public hearing instead. The resolution claims that Hunter Biden's testimony is crucial to the impeachment inquiry against President Biden, alleging that the president may have abused his office of public trust by participating in his son's business. However, Republicans have struggled to provide compelling evidence for their allegations.

House committees, led by Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer, are scheduled to vote on the resolution on Wednesday, with a full House vote to follow. If adopted, the House would refer the matter to the Justice Department for prosecution. While defying a congressional subpoena is illegal, the Justice Department has previously declined to prosecute contempt referrals from the opposing political party. Nevertheless, Hunter Biden is already facing tax and gun charges and could potentially face contempt of Congress charges as well.

The resolution is controversial for several reasons. Rep. Jordan himself defied a Democratic subpoena in 2022 without facing consequences, raising questions about inconsistent enforcement. Additionally, Hunter Biden did offer to testify in public, arguing that a private deposition could lead to misleading leaks. Republicans argue that private depositions allow for a more thorough examination of the matter, as witnesses can be questioned in a methodical and comprehensive manner without the time constraints of a public hearing.

The main Republican allegation against President Biden is that he manipulated U.S. foreign policy towards Ukraine to benefit his son's business interests. However, State Department officials have debunked this allegation during private depositions and public hearings, which Republicans have chosen to overlook. The irony lies in the fact that former President Donald Trump owned a business that received millions from foreign governments while he was in office, a conflict of interest that Republicans have struggled to prove against President Biden.


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