House Republicans Investigate Biden Documents

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee initiated an investigation into how President Joe Biden and the Obama Administration handled classified documents. The Committee is seeking communications between the Justice Department, FBI and White House in this regard, including documents related to Biden's lawyers being in possession of the classified records. The Committee has also requested information on the appointment of a special counsel. The Justice Department was given a January 27th deadline to provide the requested materials.

The Committee mentioned an FBI raid at Mar-A-Lago that uncovered hundreds of classified records during the Trump Administration, suggesting an unequal approach to the investigations. Attorney General Garland indicated that prosecutors were made aware of the first tranche of documents on the evening of November 4th, but an initial investigation was not conducted until November 14th. The White House has stated that Biden's team immediately turned the records over to authorities, while the Presidential Records Act requires presidents and their administrations to turn over all sensitive records to the National Archives upon leaving office.

The House Judiciary Committee's investigation into the handling of classified documents is part of their broader investigation into the "weaponization of the federal government," which also includes probes into the FBI, the business dealings of Hunter Biden, and the origins of Covid-19. It is unclear what the outcome of the investigation will be or what implications it may have for President Biden.


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