Gunmen in combat fatigues open fire at Moscow concert hall

A horrific terror attack took place at a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday, leaving an unspecified number of people injured and sparking a massive blaze. The gunmen, who have not claimed responsibility for the attack, opened fire on concert-goers and threw explosives, causing chaos and panic at the venue. The attack, described as the worst in Russia in two decades, occurred just days after President Vladimir Putin secured a landslide victory in the country's presidential election.

The Federal Security Service confirmed that there were casualties from the attack, but did not provide specific numbers. Videos posted on social media showed smoke billowing from the building and the sounds of gunfire echoing in the background as visitors were evacuated from the scene. Reports indicated that some individuals may have been trapped inside the burning hall.

The prosecutor's office reported that men in combat gear entered the concert hall and began shooting at attendees, with several videos showing the attackers firing at people at close range. Russian authorities swiftly responded to the incident, sending riot police units to the area and tightening security measures at airports and train stations in Moscow. The mayor also cancelled all mass gatherings planned for the weekend in light of the attack.

The White House National Security Advisor expressed shock and sorrow over the tragedy, emphasizing the devastating impact on the victims and their families. The attack came after warnings issued by the U.S. Embassy and other Western diplomatic missions about the potential for violence in crowded places in the Russian capital. President Putin, who recently extended his rule in a controversial election, denounced the warnings as attempts to intimidate the Russian population. The motive behind the attack remains unclear as authorities continue to investigate the incident.


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