First cyber attack from China targets the West

Chinese computer hackers may have infiltrated American military and civil critical infrastructure, potentially crippling the US response to Chinese armed aggression, according to recent reports. This aligns with Beijing's strategy, as outlined in Sun Tzu's "Art of War," which aims to secure victory before any physical confrontation occurs. In the digital age, this involves preemptive cyber attacks on not only military forces but also social and economic pillars such as communications, transportation, energy, water, and health systems. The objective is to cause significant damage to opponents, leading to their collapse and domestic disarray.

To achieve this, China needs access to data on its targets and must devise cyber attacks that circumvent preventive measures, causing sudden and irreversible chaos. The US is currently searching for malicious software within its power grids and communications systems that supply its military, indicating the potential existence of tools for a pre-emptive strike against the West.

US intelligence became aware of the threat to national security in February, around the time of a spy balloon incident. Since May, Chinese hackers have reportedly been covertly accessing data from the State Department, Commerce Department, and Western European entities. This follows a pattern of Chinese cyber attacks, including the 2021 compromise of the Microsoft Exchange server, which the UK Foreign Office and National Cyber Security Centre attributed to the Chinese Ministry of State Security. In 2022, the directors of UK and US security services jointly declared China as the biggest long-term threat to economic and national security, while NATO highlighted China's malicious hybrid and cyber operations.

While the US military is scrambling to assess the extent of Chinese cyber warfare's impact on American defenses, the UK has yet to mount a proper response despite repeated warnings from the intelligence and security community. The Chinese Communist Party's relentless hybrid warfare against the UK and its allies is a cause for concern, especially considering its infiltration of critical sectors such as the nuclear industry.

It is imperative for the US and its Western allies to recognize that the Chinese Communist Party, not the citizens it governs, poses a significant threat. The potential for catastrophic cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and the military should serve as a wake-up call for politicians. Acknowledging the reality of China's hostile actions is crucial for the security and stability of the Western world.


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