FBI probes vehicle explosion at U.S.-Canada border crossing

The FBI has launched an investigation into a vehicle explosion on the Rainbow Bridge, which connects the United States and Canada near Niagara Falls. As a result, the bridge has been closed in both directions, along with all other bridges over the Niagara River that connect the two countries. The FBI Buffalo office is working alongside local, state, and federal officers to investigate the incident.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has stated that she has been briefed on the situation and that state agencies are closely monitoring the situation. She has also directed the New York State Police and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force to monitor all entry points into New York. In response to the incident, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport has increased security measures, including additional screenings for travelers and security checks for cars entering the airport.

According to Aaron Ferguson, a public information officer for the City of Niagara Falls, the incident involved a vehicle entering the United States. As a result of the explosion, all three other bridges connecting the US and Canada have been closed.

This is a developing story, and further updates are expected. ABC News has reported on the closure of the Rainbow Bridge and the ongoing investigation by the FBI. Local news outlet WGRZ has also provided coverage of the incident and the closure of the bridge.

As a centrist journalist, it is important to present the facts of the situation without bias or emotional involvement. The focus should be on providing accurate information to the readers, allowing them to form their own opinions and interpretations of the events taking place.


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