FBI neglects Epstein victims despite $139M Larry Nassar settlement

The Justice Department recently settled over 100 claims from victims of Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor, for a significant $138.7 million. This settlement comes almost three years after a report found that the FBI mishandled its investigation into Nassar, who is currently serving multiple prison sentences for sexual assault and child pornography charges.

However, in contrast to the swift action taken in the Nassar case, the Justice Department has been criticized for ignoring claims from victims of Jeffrey Epstein. These victims allege that law enforcement failed to protect them from Epstein's serial sexual abuse of girls. The FBI has been accused of knowing about Epstein's actions since the mid-1990s and not taking appropriate action to stop him.

In fact, a lawsuit filed by attorney Jordan Merson on behalf of Epstein's victims claims that the FBI ignored tips and pleas from victims and failed to investigate his crimes. Despite this, the Justice Department has not responded to these claims.

The Justice Department previously concluded that it mishandled an investigation into Epstein, who died by suicide in jail while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. A plea deal reached with federal prosecutors in 2007 allowed Epstein to serve a minimal sentence, despite widespread belief that he had sexually abused numerous girls.

Merson has filed administrative claims against the FBI on behalf of Epstein's victims, but has been met with resistance in resolving these cases. The lack of urgency in addressing the claims of Epstein's victims has raised questions about the FBI's handling of the situation.

Overall, the contrasting responses to the Nassar and Epstein cases highlight the challenges in seeking justice for victims of sexual abuse and the need for accountability within law enforcement agencies.


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