Epstein grand jury records describe trafficker's underage girls network for 'grooming'

A recent release of grand jury transcripts has shed new light on the disturbing crimes of Jeffrey Epstein, the sex-trafficking financier who died in federal custody. The 176-page document details Epstein's network of groomed girls in Palm Beach, Florida, recruiting victims for him as far back as 2005. The transcripts include specifics about cash payouts to teen recruiters, firsthand accounts from child sex-assault victims, and allegations of rape.

The investigation into Epstein began after a fight between girls at a local high school, leading to the discovery of $300 in a 16-year-old girl's purse that originated from Epstein. This girl testified that she was instructed to lie about her age and had a graphic sexual encounter with Epstein during a massage.

The contents of the transcripts were described as sexually deviant, disgusting, and criminal by Circuit Judge Luis Delgado. The documents also reveal instances where victims were offered money for sexual acts and coerced into sexual encounters with Epstein. One victim disclosed that she was 17 when she had sex with Epstein, while another said she was in her early teens when he used a sex toy on her.

The transcripts also mention former President Bill Clinton in relation to a girl's blog post, but she did not accuse him of any wrongdoing. Additionally, evidence was presented that one of Epstein's assistants recruited a 23-year-old woman for him, but he turned her away, insisting on someone younger.

Epstein received a lenient punishment of just 13 months for the 2005 child sex case, sparking a lawsuit against the FBI by a group of accusers who allege the agency failed to properly investigate him, allowing him to continue harming children and young women. The release of these transcripts has brought renewed attention to Epstein's heinous crimes and the need for justice for his victims.


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