Drone that killed US troops passed defenses due to confusion

In a recent attack on a US military base in Jordan, several American troops were killed and many more injured when a drone struck the base. Reports suggest that the drone was able to bypass defenses because it was mistaken for another unmanned aircraft. The Biden administration has attributed the attack to Iran-backed militias. As the enemy drone approached the base, an American drone was also returning, causing confusion about the nature of the attacking system.

The US Central Command has not released the identities of the troops killed in the attack. Initially, it was reported that 25 service members were injured, but that number later increased to 34. The military expects the number of injured individuals to fluctuate as they seek further care.

The military outpost, known as Tower 22, is located near Jordan's borders with Iraq and Syria. It houses approximately 350 US Army and Air Force personnel who provide logistics support to the US-led coalition fighting against the Islamic State.

This attack marks the first American fatalities since October, when Iran-backed militias began regularly targeting US forces in the region with drones, rockets, and missiles. The Pentagon has responded with airstrikes against Tehran-linked groups and targets. However, the death of American troops is seen as a significant escalation and is expected to elicit a harsher response from Washington.

President Joe Biden has pledged to hold those responsible accountable, stating that the US will choose the time and manner of its response. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that attacks on American forces will not be tolerated.

Experts believe that these attacks by Iran-backed militias are part of Tehran's larger foreign policy goal of pushing the US out of the region. While Iran denies involvement in the attack, some US lawmakers are calling for strikes against Tehran-linked targets. However, such actions could potentially lead to further violence and instability in the region.

As the Biden administration considers its response to the attack, the situation remains tense. It is unclear how this incident will impact the ongoing conflict between the US and Iran-backed militias in the Middle East.


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